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18th OctKey Contacts in SHUA

A new section appears on the home page with our key personnel contact details.

15th OctLevel 1 umpiring course at Surbiton - spaces available

L1 Umpire Course on 3rd November 9am – 4pm – Surbiton HC - spaces available
Book on via the hockey hub -
Any questions please contact

9th Oct

SHUA is keen to assist Clubs with the promotion of their umpires to the level 1 assessed stage and in this connection has set aside some Saturdays this season specifically for this reason. Please see the forthcoming events on the top left of this page for future date information. We have also written a short document outlining some of the facts that govern our Assessment work. Please also click on the link below and look for Level 1 - Getting Assessed, so you may be advised of the criteria and processes that need to apply to level 1 assessment matches.

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5th OctRed Cards and MMOs

Some updates and clarifications have been issued by EH in respect of Red Card and MMOs. Please ensure you refresh your memory on these regulations and particularly note there is now a "fillable pdf" that may be used for the reporting process. A brief summary of the changes is
Disrepute Complaint Regulations
4.2 – Disrepute referral beyond 14 days in exceptional circumstances may be accepted and acted upon, based on the decision by the Chair of the Disrepute Complaint Panel
Red Card & MMO Regulations
4.1 – Removed the distinction between registered and unregistered umpires.
4.4 (now 4.3) – Amended to allow an umpire to inform the “team captain, team official or Club Disciplinary Officer” rather than the accused to address those situations where an umpire is too intimidated on the day to inform the accused of the MMO. The person informed is then mandated to inform the accused.
4.4.2 – Removed
4.5 (now 4.4) -  Jurisdiction around suspensions clearer
5.5.4 – Addition here to deter those appeals intended to “time waste”
6.4 – Provides consistency to the County Disciplinary Administrators in amending the category of red cards reports submitted by umpires.

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25th SepRecruitment

We are always very keen to accept new members onto our rosters. You may either be a club umpire with ambition or a player who wishes to learn more about umpiring. Whatever your background we would like to hear from you so that we can discuss an umpire pathway for you. You may begin by seeking to join us as a member (click the green box on the top left of our home page to start the process) or you may already have access to our website. Either way, just let us know and we will help you to progress.
You may be reading this as a Club Contact? You will probably already be aware of the scarcity of umpires, but this should not deter you from trying to spread the message throughout your Club about the need to increase the number of umpires available each week. Different clubs will have different ways of tackling this situation, but should you need help why not get in touch with someone at SHUA about the umpiring pathway that can be started by reading the document in the link below.

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24th SepLinks

The links to the Appointments pages for SCHUA and the NPUA have been updated. See the top menu bar on the home page.


Rule 13.5c states:
"The penalty corner is completed when the ball travels more than 5 metres outside the circle."
There has been some confusing and conflicting advice given recently concerning this rule.
We have clarification from FIH and the following is the way the rule should have been worded:
"The penalty corner is completed when the ball travels more than 5 metres from the circle."
So as long as the ball remains within the 5m dotted line the PC is still live - lateral movements of the ball do not count in the aggregation of 5m.

13th SepPost AGM matters

There is very little new news available about the possible re-organisation of hockey as announced and discussed at the AGM. Council has convened a couple of informal get togethers of key officers to try and bottom out any approach or stance we should be considering but nothing substantive can yet be reported. Council has an agenda item at the forthcoming meeting to continue to assess where we are. As promised at the AGM Council will issue any relevant news on the future of SHUA as it becomes available.
IMPORTANT At the AGM Glyn Jones was announced as the new Sunday Appointments Secretary. Unfortunately due to a bout of illness Glyn is unable to take up this position and we wish him well as he strives for a full recovery. We are very pleased that we identified a possible replacement and hope to be able to announce who this is in the next couple of weeks. In the interim our Saturday Appointments Secretary, Chris Burton, has agreed to hold the fort on a very temporary basis. We should all thank Chris for his extra effort here. If any Club is wishing to request umpires for a Sunday match then an initial approach should be made to Chris Burton.
JUST AS, IF NOT MORE, IMPORTANT There is now a disconnect between the appointments that are made in Surrey and those made by higher HUAs - this is because the NPUA and SCHUA have moved away from website hierarchy that has been in place for the last 12 years. If your are a Level 2 or higher umpire it would be of considerable assistance to Chris Burton if you would enter any appointments you have with SCHUA or NPUA on your availability page. If you would do this as soon as the appointment is advised to you then Burty will be able to see whether you may still be available for a Surrey game. because there is no real time connect between the NPUA/SCHUA appointments page and ours this extra effort on your part will help to mitigate the possibility of errors with our appointments being made. Thank you in anticipation of your help here.

9th SepNew rules

There is an excellent presentation on the new rules available from the link below. Please read it and take note of the tips given.

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8th SepShirt Orders

We would like to encourage members to place any orders for our shirts by the end of September. Although we hold a number in stock, if we do not have your size, we will need to order from our supplier and this can take some time. In order to meet supplier minimum order quantities we hope to place the next order at the beginning of October, to get your shirts to you before the Christmas break. We look forward to receiving your order.

25th JulWeb Site Structure Changes

Some changes have been made to the structure of the web site.
Some of the pages that have traditionally been available to anyone have been moved to within the personal area. This further protects data from access by people with no genuine reason to access it.
The pages affected are the Committees Page, Umpire Contact Details Page(s), Membership Page, Umpire Panels Page and Umpire Awards Page.
In addition, the Club Page that is in the public area showing all the information about a club has been modified so that it no longer shows any contact information for individuals. There is a duplicate of the page accessible from within the personal areas, which does show contact details.

The changes mean that, with the exception of a very few key contacts for the association(s), no personal contact information is now available to the public - it is only available to people who are properly registered as umpires or registered by clubs as club administrators or team officials.
In the past, there have been three settings that people can use for protecting their contact information (Public, Private or Secret). Because of the changes the Public category is now only really relevant for a few key association contacts and a new Internal category has been added. Any contact information marked as Internal can only be seen by genuinely registered users of the web site.
If your contact information needs to be seen by people from other clubs even if you are not due to play against them, you should ensure that your privacy setting for the relevant contact information is Internal rather than Private.

20th Jul2019 Rules of Hockey

EH has finally confirmed the new rules changes. Please visit the Information and Downloads page to see the FIH Rule Book and the summarised document produced by EH.

17th JanConcussion

EH has issued updated guidance on the subject of concussion. The document is available to read from our Information and Downloads page and also as a direct link (below).
As umpires we need to enforce relevant guidance during a game if we suspect a player is suffering from concussion and, thus during our regulation 70 minutes, we do have a duty of care if anyone ignores these guidelines. It's a Club responsibility to monitor the player for future games.
Please ensure you have refreshed your memory on this guidance note and also bring it to anyone's attention especially in the aftermath of any suspected concussions that occur during our matches.

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1st Apr (2017)Head (and other serious) injuries

Council would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and appropriate, the player should leave the pitch and only return to the game if an appropriately qualified medical practitioner allows.
If under the age of 18, the player with a head injury is not allowed to return to the game until he/she has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.
The link is England Hockey's policy on concussion.
From the Welfare Manager.

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