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14th Feb

100 Matches James Thompson 23rd Feb 2019 Men's Hampshire / Surrey Regional 1 - Oxted 3 v Bournemouth
Many congrats James from all of us at SHUA

13th FebAppointments for March

The appointments for March will go up somewhat sporadically depending on how many weeks the South publish in one go. This is because they want their appointments to reflect the importance of the games where promotion and relegation are concerned. I hope mine will do the same! Now, back to my favourite topic. I have just published appointments for 23rd February. That means I am now starting work on 2nd March. So if you wish, heaven forbid, to make yourself unavailable for 2nd March, now is the time to do it -not in about a week's time when I'll be thinking of putting these appointments on the website! Finally, please let's not let our availability wane at this very important part of the season. We don't want to spoil all the hard work already done.

6th FebAnd another milestone.

200 Matches Steve Cronin 28th Feb 2019 Men's Schools - Cranleigh School v Kingston Grammar School
Many congrats Steve from all at SHUA

5th FebAvailability on Saturday23rd February

Could all those who are currently not available on 23rd February please have another look at this, especially any from RM2 and upwards? Don't ask me why but availability that day is utterly appalling and I am really struggling to make meaningful appointments, This is probably the first time in over 20 years I have had to put out such an SOS, so please don't take it lightly!

5th FebSaturday 30th March 2019

Please note that because of all the postponed games last Saturday, the spare league date of 30th March will very much come into play. We will have close to a full programme of games so please will people add their availability asap.Thank you

29th JanAnd another milestone.

200 Matches Steve Cronin 20th Feb 2019 Men's BUCS - SE 2A - St. Mary's University College v Brighton University.
Many congrats on this landmark Steve.

21st JanSunday Appointments’ Secretary

New SHUA Sunday Appointments’ Secretary needed. Robert Butlin, the current SHUA Sunday Appointments’ Secretary is going to be out of the country from mid September 2019 to the end of February 2020. For a good deal of that time he is likely to be a long way away from functioning email and internet.
SHUA therefore needs, ideally a long term replacement, but if necessary a replacement while he is away. Duties consist of liaising with the clubs to see which games need umpires, creating the fixtures on the website and making the appointments themselves. Some weeks there can be just the odd cup game, some are much busier. While it is likely that a candidate would be at least an occasional Sunday umpire this is not actually required.
Robert is happy to provide advice and guidance over the next few months. He is best contacted on

18th JanA nice e-mail from Richard Gibson-Brown

Hi Burty,
Happy New Year.
The Pro-League has rolled into town, and is kicking off in Valencia tomorrow.
For some reason, the Spanish seem to like my style of Umpiring, and as well as taking charge of a Friendly between Spain and Ireland ladies a month ago, I have now been asked to Umpire an ex-internationals game between Spain and Belgium, this takes place after the main event tomorrow.
This is mainly due to the coaching and support that you, and all of the S+CC gave me in my time with Surrey, I would never have had opportunities like this without you all. Certainly didnt expect this when I turned up at Sunbury in the snow a few years ago, umpired a bloody awful game with Bob Cowlard, under your watchful gaze, and ended up with my Level 1!!
In addition, I am going to be in the officials area tomorrow, I am doing a data gathering task for the FIH, funny how many doors open if you have the right background!!
Please pass my best wishes to all.

17th JanConcussion

EH has issued updated guidance on the subject of concussion. The document is available to read from our Information and Downloads page and also as a direct link (below).
As umpires we need to enforce relevant guidance during a game if we suspect a player is suffering from concussion and, thus during our regulation 70 minutes, we do have a duty of care if anyone ignores these guidelines. It's a Club responsibility to monitor the player for future games.
Please ensure you have refreshed your memory on this guidance note and also bring it to anyone's attention especially in the aftermath of any suspected concussions that occur during our matches.

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12th JanRules Changes

FIH has announced rule changes that apply from 1st January however in keeping with most situations for rule changes EH has announced that there are no changes for any match that takes place below the National League for the remainder of season 2018-19. S+CC will prepare a set of guidance notes for the new rules and these will be delivered to members at the AGM in July.

11th JanAvailability

There seems to be a new trend which I did like to stop before it becomes habitual. When I publish one week's appointments, you may be sure that I have already started on the following week which means I have checked everybody's availability. While doing the following week, I find out, by one means or another, that people have become unavailable in those few days after the recent publication. If you do this, you can save me a mountain of time by pinging me an e-mail to say that you have become unavailable - or indeed available. Many thanks

11th JanNew technology

As part of SHUA's umpire development in the technology field we have purchased a sports action camera that will be used to capture some aspects of umpire performance at matches. The main purpose therefore is to monitor positioning and signalling techniques. We are trialing the one camera we have acquired to date on a very selective basis at present but it could turn up at one of your games!
As already suggested, this static camera is not in use to monitor decision making although inevitably there will be some occasions when incidents are close enough to the camera for scrutiny. A further report on our findings from this experimental technology will be given towards the end of the season or at the AGM.
Both Clubs and Umpires are asked to embrace this initiative as a positive means to help raise our umpiring standards in the County.

9th JanLevel 1 Assessments

Following the re-organisation of the S&CC with immediate effect any requests for assessments for Level 1 candidates should be referred to Jane Binner. Click the link to find contact details.

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9th JanRed Card/MMO procedures

A short reminder that all umpires should refresh their memories on the procedures and protocols associated with red card or MMO situations.

9th JanPersonal Details

Please remember that any changes to your personal contact details should be advised to SHUA as soon as possible to enable relevant communications to reach you as well as others. THIS SHOULD BE DONE VIA YOUR PERSONAL AREA AND NOT BY EMAIL TO ANY OFFICER - THIS APPLIES TO CLUB CONTACTS AS WELL AS UMPIRES. If incorrect details are available then it is entirely possible that you may miss relevant information about SHUA activities - including matches. Please help us to help you.

9th JanDevelopment Group and other Panels

The S+CC met last week and fully reviewed the active membership panels. Several adjustments have now been made to the Panel structure but in particular we draw your attention to the formation of the new Development Group. I am sure you will all join the Committee in wishing this new group all the best in their quest to reach Level 2.
As one group starts its journey we are pleased to advise that the previous group have now all received their nomination to the South and now await their assessment game that we hope will be by the end of this season. Well done to Surinder and Pete who have enjoyed an 18 month journey towards these nominations.

14th Dec (2018)Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch.

Please see below a statement from England Hockey’s Ethics and Compliance team:
"We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members* to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension."
* 'members' is a reference to all those within the Hockey Family and therefore DOES NOT JUST APPLY to members of SHUA

9th Dec (2018)Shirts and Baselayers

The next order of Shirts and Baselayers from our supplier will be placed in mid January. The Association does hold a small stock of shirts but Baselayers are not held in stock. It is unlikely there will be another order before the end of the season as the supplier takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver. If you are thinking of ordering new kit, please get them in before Christmas. Many thanks.

1st Apr (2017)Head (and other serious) injuries

Council would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and appropriate, the player should leave the pitch and only return to the game if an appropriately qualified medical practitioner allows.
If under the age of 18, the player with a head injury is not allowed to return to the game until he/she has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.
The link is England Hockey's policy on concussion.
From the Welfare Manager.

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