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17th DecSchool Fixtures

I have just added a new batch of fixtures, mainly for Charterhouse School. It is important that we continue to appoint very senior umpires to these games. Many schools are now playing their fixtures later in the day which should offer more of you guys a slice of the cake. Please add your availability. Oh yes, that reminds me. If you ever become unavailable, please show this on the website. That way, I won't appoint you and then have to re-appoint!

14th DecUrinating at the side of a hockey pitch.

Please see below a statement from England Hockey’s Ethics and Compliance team:
"We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of Ethics and Behaviour’ – Disrepute Offence, not to mention in some cases a criminal offence. We expect all members* to refrain from such behaviour. However, in the event of such incidences, in keeping with the revised Disrepute Complaint Regulations, we kindly ask that these be referred to EH as a Disrepute Complaint in the first instance. It is likely that offenders will face a suspension."
* 'members' is a reference to all those within the Hockey Family and therefore DOES NOT JUST APPLY to members of SHUA

13th DecAnd another milestone.

300 Matches Saturday 5th January 2019
Men Surrey Cup - Pool Stage - Pool D 11:30 @ Dukes Meadow Peter Hodgson
Many congrats Peter from all of us at SHUA

9th DecShirts and Baselayers

The next order of Shirts and Baselayers from our supplier will be placed in mid January. The Association does hold a small stock of shirts but Baselayers are not held in stock. It is unlikely there will be another order before the end of the season as the supplier takes 6 to 8 weeks to deliver. If you are thinking of ordering new kit, please get them in before Christmas. Many thanks.

8th DecAnd another bird has flown the nest

We are very pleased to announce that David Pease-Watkin passed his level two assessment today and has become the fourth Development Group member to leave us for the South.
Many congrats David from all your SHUA buddies.

5th DecDangerous Play survey

A week ago I wrote a news item alerting you (County HUA Members) to the fact that a survey was being being conducted on dangerous play. The first few responses to the survey were not being registered on the website due a small glitch in the coding. Steps have been taken to resolve this issue but we are uncertain as to whether everyone who has attempted to answer has actually had their response registered. To check this please go to your personal area and if the survey is still appearing there then please answer the questions again and re-submit. At this point we have 22 answers out of approximately 90 and so there is a way to go yet. The closing date is less than 2 weeks away now.

3rd DecSurrey Cup & Plate

I'm not sure if it's my imagination but the winter break seems to be about a week less than usual? We start back on Saturday 12th January (full league programme) which means that any friendlies on that date come into immediate jeopardy. However, that was not the original point of this News Item. On the weekend of 5th & 6th January we have on the Saturday, the early stages of the Surrey Cup for which I suspect I will need 12 umpires spread over 3 pools. On the Sunday we have the semi-finals of the Plate and Rob Butlin will need 4 umpires for those two games. So would members get their availability onto the website as quickly as possible please. Thank you.


28th NovDangerous play

A concern has been raised about safety of players and the interpretation of dangerous play when it involves a shot at goal. We are about to launch a survey to our appointed umpires, in 2 phases, that has simple yes or no questions to answer so will not take up very much of your time.
At present there are occasions when a defender is struck by the ball, on the goal line and above knee height, when a PS is awarded and yet the same incident elsewhere on the pitch would have resulted in a free hit to the defender. FIH Rule 9.8 explains what is considered dangerous play but Rule 9.9 has confused the issue by stating that the ball can be raised, from a hit, for a shot at goal.
Jim House (a colleague in Surrey and formerly an England, GB & FIH Medical Officer) will be following up on the information you supply and he may require some further details about the circumstances of the goal or PS. He is happy to be contacted (click the link below) with any comments or observations you may wish to make.

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19th NovAnother departure from SHUA

SHUA is very sad to tell you that Michael McCartney is leaving us as he moves house towards the West.
Mike has umpired 137 games (so far) for Surrey and his final game is due to be on 1st December.
His very first game was:
Saturday 17th November 2012
Men Surrey Division Two 10:00 Cheam v Purley Walcountians 2 @ David Lloyd Centre Tim Collett, Michael McCartney, (umpires) Ian Witchell (assessor).

but we're not sure yet what will be his final game.
Mike has written to us this farewell email:
I just wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my thanks for the coaching and support provided by many of the committee and coaches during my time with Surrey and I will look back fondly on what have in the vast majority been very enjoyable games of hockey with many different colleagues. Wishing everyone well for the second half of the season and indeed the continuing success of the association as the new league structures come into fruition next year.
And we all wish him and his family all the very best in terms of the new house, job(s), schools and hockey.
Farewell for now and take care all you McCartneys.

6th NovMid-Week Opportunity

2 umpires needed for Weds 28th November - Offers to please............
Women - BUCS - SE 2B
15:00 UCL 2 v St. Mary's University College @ Dukes Meadow

26th OctParking at Surrey Sports = Information re 3 hour limit......

Please note, SSP has changed its policy on car parking which may have an impact on your Appointment, please go to the link displayed below for find out how it may affect you!
Make sure you don’t get caught out..
All you would be required to do is enter your car's registration number into the portals at the front desk and this would give you 5 hours = and if that is not enough = They also have an exempt list for the day.

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18th OctNew Web System Functions

As many of you will have noticed, the next part of the 2018 system upgrade has been implemented.
The major changes are in the personal and club administration areas, where both of these areas are now fully mobile friendly (i.e. they adapt and work on small screen devices as well as traditional larger screen devices e.g. PCs).
You should note that the layout of all functions in these areas will be different depending on the screen size of the device you are using.
In addition, the order of items will vary depending on the screen size and the day. This is so that, on mobile phones, the things you are most likely to want on a match day appear nearer the top of the page.
The old small screen systems for umpires and for club or team administrators no longer exist as all of the functions (and many more) have been transferred to the full personal area and club administration area respectively.
If you are logging on via a device with a small screen, you will see that there is an option to have "continuous login". If you select this option your log in details will be stored on your phone and you will be able to log in in future just by clicking the quick log in bar at the top of the home page.
If you are a club administrator, but are not your club webmaster, you have a new function in the club administration area to remove access rights that you do not need. This will temporarily remove them from your pages and will prompt your club webmaster to remove them permanently the next time they log in. This will help you remove the functions you will never need (particularly for teams that you are not involved with), in case your club webmaster has been over-generous with your options.
If you are a club webmaster, you also have new functions in the View/Update Administration Rights programs to remove all access for a person or to add all access for a person. This means you need fewer clicks to set up the correct access rights for each administrator.

13th OctNew S+CC Member

A quick note welcoming our new Selection and Coaching Committee Member - Jane Hallett.

3rd OctRed Card/MMO - procedures and advice

The Red Card and MMO sections have been overhauled and updated today and you are urged to refresh your memory on these very important regulations and protocols. There are now less documents in this section.
RCs and MMOs are rare in our sport but when they are necessary to issue then we must all abide by the letter of regulations as laid down by EH. Errors, if or when made, take huge amounts of time to resolve and therefore adherence to our published advice will help mitigate any post match investigations that are wholly avoidable.
Please read the red card papers and use you best endeavours to meet the requirements.
IDW on behalf of the SHUA Council

11th SepNews from S+CC

There are a number of items for you from our meeting on 6 September:
- Congratulations to the four remaining members of the development group (Michael McCartney has notified us of his imminent move out of Surrey), Surinder Bodwal, Rob Butlin, Peter Hodgson, Michael McCartney, David Pease-Watkin who are all to be nominated to the SCHUA for their Level 2 Assessment. Two will be nominated now (Rob and David) the others will go forward in December.
- We have been asked to consider the Health & Safety issue of the danger to on field players when the ball is struck at goal as a result we will be surveying members on incidents of players in danger from shots on target later in the season.
- In response to an issue raised at the AGM we are carrying out a review into the hierarchy of appointments currently used in SHUA as part of this review we will be surveying members for the views on the hierarchy as they see it and how they would like to be appointed.
- We are looking to add to our cadre of coaches if you are interested and believe you have the right skill set please contact me.
- We are keen to appoint someone as our Young Umpire Co-ordinator if you are interested in taking on this role please contact me

The Selectors and Coaches are available to you at any time. If you have any concerns about your umpiring you should initially address these to the Selector responsible for your panel by email or telephone. If emailing your Selector then please copy me in on the mail.

Paul Hollingum
S+CC Chair

1st Apr (2017)Head (and other serious) injuries

Council would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and appropriate, the player should leave the pitch and only return to the game if an appropriately qualified medical practitioner allows.
If under the age of 18, the player with a head injury is not allowed to return to the game until he/she has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.
The link is England Hockey's policy on concussion.
From the Welfare Manager.

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