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11th AugSG6s --- Wednesday September 11th update

I have sent out an email to the 22 volunteers for this year's SG6s.
If you haven't received it --- please email me at
If you are not on my list yet but are available, please email me as folk may drop out.
Many thanks.

25th JulWeb Site Structure Changes

Some changes have been made to the structure of the web site.
Some of the pages that have traditionally been available to anyone have been moved to within the personal area. This further protects data from access by people with no genuine reason to access it.
The pages affected are the Committees Page, Umpire Contact Details Page(s), Membership Page, Umpire Panels Page and Umpire Awards Page.
In addition, the Club Page that is in the public area showing all the information about a club has been modified so that it no longer shows any contact information for individuals. There is a duplicate of the page accessible from within the personal areas, which does show contact details.

The changes mean that, with the exception of a very few key contacts for the association(s), no personal contact information is now available to the public - it is only available to people who are properly registered as umpires or registered by clubs as club administrators or team officials.
In the past, there have been three settings that people can use for protecting their contact information (Public, Private or Secret). Because of the changes the Public category is now only really relevant for a few key association contacts and a new Internal category has been added. Any contact information marked as Internal can only be seen by genuinely registered users of the web site.
If your contact information needs to be seen by people from other clubs even if you are not due to play against them, you should ensure that your privacy setting for the relevant contact information is Internal rather than Private.

20th Jul2019 Rules of Hockey

EH has finally confirmed the new rules changes. Please visit the Information and Downloads page to see the FIH Rule Book and the summarised document produced by EH.

17th JulAGM Report

A bumper turnout on 15th July witnessed the election of two senior SHUA members to the position of Life Member. Dave Thompson and Peter Redshaw received this honour. Congratulations to both.
The Awards part of the evening was a little diluted by the fact that all four of our main awards winners were absent! The Honours Board has been updated today and can be accessed by the link below so you can see who these absentees were! Council has also decided that long service recognition is overdue and the bar has been set at 250 appearances (as umpire or support umpire) or multiples thereof. The "king of appearances" is Peter Redshaw with over 1250 and we currently have three more members who are in the 1000 club - Chris Burton, Suzie Redshaw and Dave Thompson. The next, the 750 club, has Phil Hook, Kirit Sharma and Ian Witchell as members and then follows the 500 club with Tony Rowe and Ian Hay. There are 13 members in the 250 club and you may find out all the names in the AGM papers for 2019.
Council is delighted to welcome 2 new people to the administration team. Mark Bennett takes over as Treasurer from Dave Thompson and Glyn Jones takes on the Sunday Appointments Secretary role from Rob Butlin. Good luck to both gentlemen.
The longest part of the evening was taken up with discussions on the potential change that England Hockey is proposing as part of their consultation for club hockey from the start of the 2021-22 season. A whole load of detail is yet to be fleshed out about this and it is doubtful that anything will change immediately, even if the resolution for the change is successfully voted in at next year's EH AGM in march 2020. Council has received some very good comments from members to take away and consider and will report back regularly to the membership as matters crystallise through the remainder of the summer and into the new season. Please look out for further bulletins on this subject.
A brief summary of the new rules was delivered by Paul Hollingum and you are reminded that you should visit the FIH website to get the full wording about the changes. If you have any issues or questions then please email a member of the S&CC for clarification or get in touch with the Selector who is responsible for the Panel Listing you currently have.
Ian Witchell

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26th MayManaging Club Email Addresses

The web system has been updated to allow club webmasters to manage the use of club email addresses for registered club contacts and administrators.
Where a contact has used a club email address as their log-in address (despite the instructions that this should not be done), the club webmaster can now change the log-in address for that contact to be their personal email address.
Where a club contact has registered a club email address to be used for all email communications regarding club matters, the club webmaster can remove the registration.
Both options allow club webmasters to fully update the system when positions within the club change, without the need to force other club members to log in (who may have left the club).
The options are all in the "Update Club Members (Contact and Administrators)" button in the "Recorded Club Members" section of the club administration area.
The options are only available to the designated club webmaster.

21st JanSunday Appointments’ Secretary

New SHUA Sunday Appointments’ Secretary needed. Robert Butlin, the current SHUA Sunday Appointments’ Secretary is going to be out of the country from mid September 2019 to the end of February 2020. For a good deal of that time he is likely to be a long way away from functioning email and internet.
SHUA therefore needs, ideally a long term replacement, but if necessary a replacement while he is away. Duties consist of liaising with the clubs to see which games need umpires, creating the fixtures on the website and making the appointments themselves. Some weeks there can be just the odd cup game, some are much busier. While it is likely that a candidate would be at least an occasional Sunday umpire this is not actually required.
Robert is happy to provide advice and guidance over the next few months. He is best contacted on

17th JanConcussion

EH has issued updated guidance on the subject of concussion. The document is available to read from our Information and Downloads page and also as a direct link (below).
As umpires we need to enforce relevant guidance during a game if we suspect a player is suffering from concussion and, thus during our regulation 70 minutes, we do have a duty of care if anyone ignores these guidelines. It's a Club responsibility to monitor the player for future games.
Please ensure you have refreshed your memory on this guidance note and also bring it to anyone's attention especially in the aftermath of any suspected concussions that occur during our matches.

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1st Apr (2017)Head (and other serious) injuries

Council would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and appropriate, the player should leave the pitch and only return to the game if an appropriately qualified medical practitioner allows.
If under the age of 18, the player with a head injury is not allowed to return to the game until he/she has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.
The link is England Hockey's policy on concussion.
From the Welfare Manager.

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