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Information & Downloads

Association Useful Information
England Hockey Safeguarding Policy Document
SHUA Child Welfare (Parents)19/06/2015
SHUA Child Welfare (Umpire / Coaches Guidance)14/07/2015
EH Concussion Policy01/04/2017
Overview of the SHUA Insurance Cover28/02/2014

Any questions or to Report Incidents, please contact the Treasurer

Honours Board07/12/2016
Umpire Panels - a guide to assessing our grades11/08/2014
SHUA Constitution and Code of Practice
The Constitution of SHUA07/12/2016

Amended December 2016

Code of Practice for SHUA incorporating our Disciplinary Code28/04/2015

Amended February 2015

Umpire User Guides and Application Forms
Expenses - Notes on Claiming Appointment & Travel costs31/03/2014
Guidance for Use of Radios (Presentation, NPUA and UmpireTalk)08/07/2016
New Members Website User Guide27/02/2014
Level 1 - Courses Information08/11/2015
Level 1 - Match and Assessor Criteria04/11/2017


Level 1 - SHUA Website User Guide27/02/2014
Membership invitation to a Level 1 candidate
Red Cards & Disrepute Incidents
RC & MMO Guidance and References03/09/2016
EH Red Card/MMO Regulations09/12/2016
EH & SHUA Red Card/MMO regs and summarised guidance06/09/2017


Red Card & MMO Report Form06/11/2017

Word document

EHB - Code of Ethics & Behaviour - Disrepute Incident Form14/10/2015
SHUA - Red Card Incidents - Guidance & Procedures to follow09/09/2016
New Rules and a Guide to your ACTIONS for Red Cards13/09/2016


Rules of Hockey
Rules of Outdoor Hockey 2017
FIH Umpire Manager’s Briefing for Umpires 2017
Notes re Junior Players27/02/2014
England Hockey Umpiring Resources
Rules of Indoor Hockey 2016
Umpiring Guidance
FIH Umpires Briefing (2015)
Match Check List (½ A4 - print 2-sided landscape)27/02/2014
Match Check List (¼ A4 - print 2-sided portrait)27/02/2014
WRISKEY an aide memoire for new and aspiring umpires27/02/2014
Bench Misbehaviour (Umpire Guidance from SCHUA)27/02/2014
Cage Management & Pitchside Conduct (Umpires)27/02/2014
Player Management27/02/2014
Zero Tolerance30/08/2014
Coach's Section
3 way radio pairing08/12/2017
AGM Minutes and Reports (In Meeting Minutes)
Post AGM Papers28/06/2017
Club Section
Cage Management and Pitchside Conduct (Clubs)27/02/2014
Guide to using the SHUA website13/02/2015
Setting up Club Contacts11/10/2017
Ref's Day Out!!
A pictorial record - St. George's 6's - March 201027/02/2014
A golfing masterclass? - SHUGS Day - August 201227/02/2014

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