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Forthcoming Events

24th May 2018

Council Meeting (19:30) @ TBA

11th Jul 2018

AGM (19:30) @ TBA

Council has set the AGM date. Please note this in your diary now.

Benefits of Surrey HUA Membership


Covering ANY game ANYWHERE in the world that you umpire.

Rule Changes

Guidance on changes in rules and their interpretations.

Surrey HUA Offer

Support with any umpiring issues.
Support with any questions arising from any of your games (a red card for example).
Support for questions about umpiring or where to go next.
Support whether or not you take appointments from us.

Surrey HUA Network

Full access to and advice from our Level 2 (SCHUA and higher) umpires.
Active umpires receive regular coaching.


Advice on the EH Umpire pathway --- Level 1 is only the first step.

Level 1 practical assessment

A free Level 1 practical assessment to help conclude the qualification.

Free membership

Unassessed umpires receive subscription free membership for at least one full season.

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News from England Hockey

Hockey rules app now available - see news item (different links for iOS and Android phones) dated 29th March 2017 for details.
Shirts and baselayers are now available in our new umpiring colours of Lime Green and Orange. The new shirts can be purchased by members taking appointments as well as Associate & Club members. See the News Item dated 13th March 2017 for more information or visit the shop in your personal area.

Recent Milestones
7th April 2018Dave J Thompson400th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
24th March 2018Chris Burton-Brown300th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
17th March 2018David Cruden100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
10th March 2018Paul Chapman-Hatchett100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
24th February 2018Mohammed Shah^100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
18th February 2018Kirit Sharma900th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
10th February 2018Paull Spindler400th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
7th February 2018Ian Witchell200th Surrey HUA umpire support appointment.
13th January 2018Paul Hollingum50th Surrey HUA umpire support appointment.
6th January 2018Philip Hook700th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
15th November 2017Dan Quinton100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
11th November 2017Ian Hay50th Surrey HUA umpire support appointment.
16th September 2017Alan Hall200th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Recent News Items
13th April 2018
News from the Selectors
Just a very brief note following our Selection Meeting this week.
As already noted by Ian Hay we offer our congratulations to Simon Carr and Rob Dummer on their acceptance as members of Southern Counties HUA. One very rapid rise to fame and one that took slightly longer but this just shows there ...
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8th April 2018
"Two birds have flown the nest"
It's always worrying for the parent bird when baby birds fly the nest --- just in case they can't cope or the big bad world is too daunting.
Two of our baby birds flew the nest yesterday and have, by all accounts, flown "South".
As the selector responsible for the Development Group, I am pleased ...
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27th March 2018
And another big milestone.
250 Matches Mark Bennett 22nd Apr 2018 Women's Junior Tournament - Surrey U15 (Panthers) v Hampshire and Buckinghamshire
Many congrats Mark from all your friends at SHUA.
22nd March 2018
Midweek League games
Just to reinforce any previous news items about number of matches that have fallen foul of the "beasts from the east". Many of these games are being scheduled for midweek evenings and these present opportunities for you to top up your appearances for the season. As at today we have already ...
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21st March 2018
Peter Redshaw ...(with link - click here)
Peter is unwell at the moment and is currently hospitalised. Our best wishes go Peter for a swift and full recovery and we trust he will be back in action so he can enjoy his bowling during the summer.
As a result of the illness Peter will be unable to fulfil his role as Midweek Appointments ...
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18th March 2018
New Member
We are delighted to welcome Nicky Wilson into membership on the Ladies Panel list.
3rd March 2018
3 adjustments have been to to the panel list following recent watchings and positive feedback received by the Selection Committee.
Phil Stewart is promoted from CM3 to CM1.
Gareth Hinds is promoted from CM2 to CM1 and given a ^.
Henry Nelson is given a ^.
The ^ indicates an umpire who is being ...
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22nd February 2018
The S+CC is delighted to announce that both Rob Dummer and Simon Carr have been nominated to SCHUA as Level 2 Candidates. Well done to both of them!
1st April 2017
Head (and other serious) injuries ...(with link - click here)
Council would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and ...
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29th March 2017
The Rules of Hockey (app for Android phones) ...(with link - click here)
You'll be delighted to know that FIH has now produced an app for Android smart phones. Please follow the instructions below (on your smart phone) to get to the app, FIH comments: “This tool is yet another important component of our 10-year hockey Revolution strategy aimed at making hockey a ...
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