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9th JulYour SHUA membership

If your SHUA membership is not what you think (eg you're a non member when you should be an Associate/Club member....), please contact the Membership Secretary on: who is very happy to sort it out for you.

4th JunNew Event

Below is a letter sent to myself and Ian Hawkes. This looks like a fun and interesting event suitable for all levels. If anyone is interested, please let me know asap. Burty
"Hi Both,
My name is Jack, I work in the Participation department for England Hockey. Joy Elliott-Bowman of the Middlesex HUA suggested that you and the Surrey HUA might be able to help us out. England Hockey are currently organising an event called HockeyFest on Tour, which is being Hosted at 7 different locations around the country this summer. One of which is in West London – Surbiton HC over the weekend of 30th & 31st July.
The weekend is split into 2 x competitions:
· Saturday 30th July – Adult Hockey Festival
· Sunday 31st July – Junior Hockey Festival
During these festivals we will be trialling a new and exciting, 6-a-side version of the game which we are developing with BUCS. So far it appears to be faster paced and more attacking than previous small sided hockey games, with an average of more goals per minute of gameplay. It is played on a third of a pitch but there are scoring zones which go all the way across the pitch, and penalty corners have been replaced with Challenges (1 vs 1). The remainder of the rules are similar / exactly the same to the 11-a-side version of the game.
England Hockey are looking to attract umpires who have at least a L1 un-assessed qualification to these days to get involved with the event, and as a thank you, we will be able to provide: a shirt for the event; and £50 per day (for the 16+ y/os). We are aiming to find approximately 20 umpires per day, so there will be plenty of time for them to relax in between matches and enjoy the festival atmosphere themselves.
I know the “CYUAG” in the East are using the Sunday as an opportunity to get young umpires together to try this new version of the game as well as have some fun in the sun (can’t guarantee the sun!) so we were wondering if there were any umpires, young or old, who might also be interested in getting involved in HockeyFest on Tour?
Is there any chance we could we could also advertise Surrey HUA website with any interested parties contacting me via email?
If you have any questions regarding the event or need more information please let me know, or you can visit our website
Many thanks in advance for your help.
Jack Sexton
Participation Administrator
Direct: +44 (0)1628 895099
England Hockey, Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1RR
Tel: |

15th AprEnd of season panel promotions

At the recent Selection + Coaching Committee Meeting a full review of the current panel list was undertaken. As a result the following members have been promoted.
Graeme Hope
Peter Hodgson
Richard Gibson-Brown
Richie Van Der Linde
Tom Nickels
Mo Shah
There are other umpires whose progress is being monitored for advancement to the next level and these are now identified with a ^ in the Panel List.
Congratulations to those who have been promoted, good luck to those who are currently under review for a promotion and if you do not fall into one of these categories then you should re-double your efforts in order to catch the eye of the Selectors.
The S+CC door is always open to any member who wishes to be considered for a promotion - just email the Chairman to bring your name into focus for the Selectors.

29th Nov (2015)Very important update to the regulations for junior hockey games

There has been a very important update from our parent organisation --- Southern Counties Hockey Association --- regarding goalkeepers in junior (i.e. under 18) games.
A fully kitted goalkeeper is no longer a mandatory requirement but a strong recommendation.
The previous memo from December 2014 should now read:
Instruction regarding Head Injuries
This instruction applies to all junior hockey played within the jurisdiction of the Southern Counties HA and is a part of the Association’s Child Protection Guidelines. It also applies to any junior player injured in a senior match.
Any player receiving a head injury MUST be removed from the field of play by the coach/manager as soon as it is medically safe to do so and qualified medical opinion attention sought from an A&E department or a registered medical practitioner.
Umpires officiating at junior games are instructed not to permit the match to continue until the injured player has been removed and not to allow the injured player to return to the field of play during the course of the game.
In tournament hockey it is conceivable that an injured player will receive attention and be passed fit for play. Tournament directors/organisers must be sure that proper medical treatment/advice has been sought before allowing the player to participate further in the tournament.
Goalkeepers in Junior Hockey
The Southern Counties Hockey Association strongly recommends that all teams playing 11 a side matches where all, or a substantial proportion are under 18 should always use a fully equipped goalkeeper.
For the avoidance of doubt, the junior game is played under the standard Rules of Hockey. There are no variations for the junior game and, as per the ruling of the South Council earlier this month, if a goalkeeper is injured or suspended then the team has the option of bringing on a substitute goalkeeper who is already kitted up or playing with a kicking back (or with 11 outfield players). The previous South regulation that all teams must play with a fully kitted goalkeeper is no longer a stipulation, rather a recommendation.
You must not stop time for someone else to get kitted up.

6th Nov (2013)New Match Check List documents

The Selection & Coaching Committee is very pleased to be launching 3 new publications today.
Firstly, we have a re-styled and re-worded Match Check List (formerly known as the Pre Match Check List) that is produced in 2 different printing formats. The words Pre Match have been deleted because the booklet is much more of a framework that covers the whole of the game i.e. pre-match, the game itself and importantly the post-match. Both versions print on A4 but fold to a different size. There is a handy version that can be taken to games and is less expensive to reprint in the future and a larger format for easier home reading and markup. The documents can be found on the Web Handbook and Downloads page.
Secondly, we have been working on providing a less thorough document that is specifically aimed at our Club Umpires in Surrey as well as those who are just setting out on their umpiring career. This document carries the mnemonic (WRISKEY) to provocatively identify areas of umpiring that may not always be considered. Clubs are encouraged to pass this around their umpires as we hope to encourage a greater consistency of umpiring from club to club. For experienced umpires this document is definitely worth a read at the start of each season as it can stimulate a few thoughts that are supplemented by the more structured Match Check List referred to above.
Please use these documents wisely and frequently and please do let the Selection Committee know if you have anything that should be added to the documents.
Ian Witchell

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