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24th OctAnd another milestone

200 Matches Jane Hallett 29th Oct 2016 Men's Surrey Division Two - Purley Walcountians 2 v Old Georgians 2
Well done Jane from all your SHUA friends.

23rd OctAvailability

Over the period to the end of January there appear to be some very busy midweeks that mix indoor and outdoor appointment opportunities. All our Appointments Secretaries (Indoor, Midweek and Schools) would appreciate any extra assistance you may be able to give with your availability during this especially busy period.
Please recheck in your Personal Area to see if there are any fixtures that you may be able to help with especially in November and December as the 2016-17 indoor season commences. Please also check back towards Christmas as new fixtures are advertised for appointments in the new year. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

18th OctSunday 6 November

There are a lot of cup fixtures on 6 November and at present rather few umpires. I'd be grateful if some more people could make themselves available.

18th OctUmpiring with a senior colleague

Ladies and Gents
Over the course of the next 2 weekends there are many occasions when our Level 1 band of Saturday umpires will get the opportunity to umpire with a Level 2 or Level 3 colleague. These occasions are often few and far between however when they occur it is hoped that, as a Level 1 umpire, you will make full use of your senior colleague.
It would be very easy to stick with regular pairings within the Level 1 band but when you do find that you have the benefit of a Level 2/3 colleague why not take full advantage of this? The investment of a little extra time may prove very significant in your development as an umpire. Please consider this time investment as probably a minimum of 60 minutes for your pre-match chat and a similar time after (i.e. actual time in the Clubhouse) the match. A full de-briefing is as vital as a thorough pre-match chat. These periods of time, outside match time, may maximise your opportunity to take full benefit from the day.
Whilst this note focuses on the next fortnight in particular there will be other occasions during the season when this situation will occur again so the above is NOT LIMITED to 22nd and 29th October.
In the first instance I suggest you ask your senior colleague about possible match day timings but please feel free to point out any personal circumstances (a second appointment, out in the evening) that may lead you to be either late arriving or requiring to depart early.
Take advantage of experience - this is how many Level 1s help themselves make the transition to Level 2.

14th OctCalling Indoor Umpires

Further to my earlier message the dates and venues have not changed but SCHUA are intending to appoint. If you are NOT an SCHUA umpire but still wish to umpire do not despair. Please contact me - I am liaising with SCHUA and we will get "county" umpires into the SCHUA system. This is also an opportunity to be considered for SCHUA indoor membership. To repeat games are

On 17 Nov, at 16:00, we have U18 Girls at City of London Freemen's School Ashtead
On 18 Nov, at 17:00, we have U16 Girls at Cranleigh School

On 25 Nov, at 16:30, we have U18 Boys at Whitgift School
Also on 25 Nov, but at 15:00 we also have U18 Boys at Trinity School

On 2 Dec, at 16:30 we have U16 Boys at Whitgift School
Also on 2 Dec, but at 15:00, we have U16 Boys at Trinity School

14th OctSome more milestones

200 Matches Jane Hallett 29th Oct 2016 Men's Surrey Division Two - Purley Walcountians 2 v Old Georgians 2
100 Matches Gary Stent 29th Oct 2016 Men's Hampshire / Surrey Regional 1 - Reigate Priory v London Academicals
WOW --- these milestones are coming thick and fast atm.
Well done you two from all your SHUA friends.

12th OctMonthly Meeting

Ladies and Gents

Our first Monthly Meeting of the 2016/17 season will, as usual, take place at the Old Cranleighans HC. It will be on Saturday week the 22nd October. All members should feel free to attend in order to meet up with their colleagues for a beer or two and some lively conversation. Simply turn up after your game any time after about 4.00 p.m. or earlier if you prefer as the OC’s are playing at home that afternoon. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


9th OctSt.George's College, Weybridge

Any umpires, coaches etc.going to St.George's must take photo ID with them as the College have, for obvious reasons, brought in this policy.

5th OctBarry Mackay

Quite a few of you will remember my predecessor as the Saturday Appointments Secretary, about 20 years ago, Barry Mackay. He did the job for about twelve years. I had an e-mail from Barry on Monday telling me that he had very recently undergone a quadruple heart bypass. He has been home for little over a week now and on Tuesday ventured out for the first time for coffee with his daughter. Barry is now living on the South coast near Rustington and hopes to take up his hockey delegate duties again as soon as possible. I am sure you will all join me in wishing him a very speedy recovery.


4th OctAnother milestone

150 Matches Glyn Jones 15th Oct 2016 Men's London League Premier Division - Wimbledon 2 v Reading 2
Best wishes Glyn from all your SHUA friends.


University Hockey – 2016 / 2017

The Selection & Coaching Committee would like to draw your attention to the opportunities to Umpire University League and Cup matches this season.

The League Games are usually played on Wednesday afternoons at venues which include, Surbiton, OC’s, Surrey Sports Park, Royal Holloway and St Mary’s College (old Lensbury Club = Teddington). The Cup rounds vary between Wednesdays and some Sundays later in the season.

Competitions for both Leagues & Cups are organised by LUSL (was ULU) with matches mainly on Sundays (Rob Butlin appoints to those) and BUCS (was BUSA) and at the top end often involve Regional and some International players, with teams from Sussex, Hants, Bucks, Berks, Middx, Herts, Kent and sometimes even further afield, all coming into Surrey to play.

The Surrey home teams are drawn from the Colleges and Teaching Hospitals of University College London, and from the Universities of Surrey, Kingston, St Mary’s College and RHUL.

In general the competitions involving the “Boys” are stronger and more “gritty”, but the matches involving the “Girls” are no less competitive and the Teams are always very grateful to have Umpires at all, so may find your welcome is generally far more sociable than the run of the mill Saturday matches.

Of course the standard varies from year to year but the opportunities to Umpire some games which might rank higher than your normal weekend game are there for the taking.

Newer or less experienced Umpires coming into the Association should make the most of the opportunities these Competitions offer at a variety of levels, which afford the opportunity to practice and/or try out some different aspects of your Umpiring skills and technique.

For existing Club Umpires wanting to join the Association, there may also be the opportunity to Umpire with an experienced Colleague and receive some coaching from one of the SHUA coaches, and the occasional chance to be assessed for Level 1 on a Midweek afternoon.

Peter Redshaw, continuing as our Midweek Appointments Secretary, would be delighted to hear from you, even if you can only manage the odd game or two. The early season fixtures – (Some currently without start times, which vary from 13:30 to 16:00) are already listed and your Availability should be entered onto the SHUA website in the usual way, please.

25th SepTony Howgate

It is with some sadness that I report that Tony Howgate is standing down from regular Saturday and Midweek appointments. Tony has given SHUA a monumental amount of service over a number of years (too many for me to be able to count) and this was recognised in 2009 when Tony was presented with The David Cooper Award.
The website records indicate 931 matches umpired by Tony and this is currently 3rd in our all time records with only Terry Mulcock and Peter Redshaw with more appearances.
I am sure you will all join with me to wish Tony a long and happy retirement from taking our appointments and we know that he will be using his vast experience assisting with umpiring duties at Woking on Sunday mornings.

13th SepNew Rules for RED CARDS

As advised in emails yesterday there are new regulations that affect RED CARDS. Please follow the link below to discover these new regulations and also to acquaint yourself with what is and what isn't correct procedure when a RED CARD has been shown in a game you are umpiring. Failure to adhere to these reasonable and common sense requests causes extra time consuming jobs to be carried out by both our Red Card Administrator and the CDA at Surrey HA.
If you have any questions or do not understand any of these guidelines then please do contact a member of the Selection + Coaching Committee. From the home page click The Association and then Committees to see who is on this Committee.

... More
9th SepRed Card Regulations - new

You may have picked up from England Hockey that the regulations for RED CARDS has been amended. Guidance notes are currently being drafted. SHUA hopes to update members at the forthcoming AGM on 13th September in respect of this rule change and also the rights and wrongs of things to do when a red card is shown in a game you are umpiring.
In the meantime please see the link below for the latest EHB information.

... More
29th Nov (2015)Very important update to the regulations for junior hockey games

There has been a very important update from our parent organisation --- Southern Counties Hockey Association --- regarding goalkeepers in junior (i.e. under 18) games.
A fully kitted goalkeeper is no longer a mandatory requirement but a strong recommendation.
The previous memo from December 2014 should now read:
Instruction regarding Head Injuries
This instruction applies to all junior hockey played within the jurisdiction of the Southern Counties HA and is a part of the Association’s Child Protection Guidelines. It also applies to any junior player injured in a senior match.
Any player receiving a head injury MUST be removed from the field of play by the coach/manager as soon as it is medically safe to do so and qualified medical opinion attention sought from an A&E department or a registered medical practitioner.
Umpires officiating at junior games are instructed not to permit the match to continue until the injured player has been removed and not to allow the injured player to return to the field of play during the course of the game.
In tournament hockey it is conceivable that an injured player will receive attention and be passed fit for play. Tournament directors/organisers must be sure that proper medical treatment/advice has been sought before allowing the player to participate further in the tournament.
Goalkeepers in Junior Hockey
The Southern Counties Hockey Association strongly recommends that all teams playing 11 a side matches where all, or a substantial proportion are under 18 should always use a fully equipped goalkeeper.
For the avoidance of doubt, the junior game is played under the standard Rules of Hockey. There are no variations for the junior game and, as per the ruling of the South Council earlier this month, if a goalkeeper is injured or suspended then the team has the option of bringing on a substitute goalkeeper who is already kitted up or playing with a kicking back (or with 11 outfield players). The previous South regulation that all teams must play with a fully kitted goalkeeper is no longer a stipulation, rather a recommendation.
You must not stop time for someone else to get kitted up.

6th Nov (2013)New Match Check List documents

The Selection & Coaching Committee is very pleased to be launching 3 new publications today.
Firstly, we have a re-styled and re-worded Match Check List (formerly known as the Pre Match Check List) that is produced in 2 different printing formats. The words Pre Match have been deleted because the booklet is much more of a framework that covers the whole of the game i.e. pre-match, the game itself and importantly the post-match. Both versions print on A4 but fold to a different size. There is a handy version that can be taken to games and is less expensive to reprint in the future and a larger format for easier home reading and markup. The documents can be found on the Web Handbook and Downloads page.
Secondly, we have been working on providing a less thorough document that is specifically aimed at our Club Umpires in Surrey as well as those who are just setting out on their umpiring career. This document carries the mnemonic (WRISKEY) to provocatively identify areas of umpiring that may not always be considered. Clubs are encouraged to pass this around their umpires as we hope to encourage a greater consistency of umpiring from club to club. For experienced umpires this document is definitely worth a read at the start of each season as it can stimulate a few thoughts that are supplemented by the more structured Match Check List referred to above.
Please use these documents wisely and frequently and please do let the Selection Committee know if you have anything that should be added to the documents.
Ian Witchell

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