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26th AugSurrey Cup

Because there is a "glitch" with my PC, I have not been able to use my address book in the normal way. The system will have notified those umpiring on Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th September. Because the system likes to do things alphabetically, the groups situation is not made clear. Each group has a coach I/c and an assistant. The group coaches are as follows:

Group A : Terry Mulcock assisted by Matt Dean
Group B: Jane Binner assisted by Steve Cronin
Group C: Aaron Campbell assisted by Tony Rowe
Group D: Jane Hallett assisted by Geoff Ledger
Group E: Julian Warburton assisted by Ian Hawkes
Group F: Phil Hook assisted by Tyrone Schiefner

Any further queries, let me know.


20th AugSHUGS Golf Day (rearranged from 27/08)

The rearranged SHUGS Annual Golf Day is to be held at Croham Hurst Golf Club on Friday 25th September 2015 and is organised by Ian Witchell ((H) 020 8651 5889 or (M) 07967 672799) email
The cost of £50 includes: full English breakfast, golf, tea and cake after golf and prizes.
The clubhouse is situated in Croham Road, South Croydon CR2 7HJ. Tel: 020 8657 5581. It is 2 miles from central Croydon and 12 miles from London. It is adjacent to the Old Whitgiftians playing field at the junction of Manor Way and Croham Road.
Meet for breakfast at 9:15am. The format of the day will be a singles stableford with nearest the pin and straightest drive. Members and Clubs are invited to attend, individual bookings may be made and you are welcome to bring a guest or guests. Tea and cake will be served in the spike bar or outside if the weather permits. Formalities should be complete by 4:00pm for those looking for a swift exit.
People who want to attend the event as 'non-players' are welcome to do so but there will be a charge for breakfast and tea. Please contact Ian by email (address above) to advise him of your interest or to ask any questions.

28th JulNew Rules

Just in case you have missed the headlines section at the top of the home page there is a very professional presentation covering all the new rules.

4th JulA new memo to all Junior Umpires and their parents.

To all Junior Members (both those who have paid their subs as well as the level 1 candidates).

All your memberships have been suspended (apart from SC) as we are now awaiting the signed and returned parental consent form --- as per the news item and the email of July 1st.

Please would you respond asap.

Any questions --- please email me at:

1st JulGuidelines for when you umpire with, coach or assess a Junior Umpire.

SHUA is currently producing a document entitled
“Guidelines with regard to the Safeguarding and Protecting of Junior Umpires in Hockey”.
It should be ready before the start of the new season in September.
The Welfare Manager will ask (once it has been published on the website) that all members read these guidelines especially before you umpire with, coach or assess a Junior Umpire.
Thank you.

1st JulA memo to all Junior Umpires and their parents.

SHUA has written its policy for the safeguarding and protection of Junior Umpires.
It is to be found at:
in the Information and Downloads section of the website.

When you read this policy document, you will see that there is a consent form for your parents to complete, sign and return.

This is, of course, for your safeguarding and protection.

Over the course of the summer, your membership of SHUA will be suspended until the consent form has been signed and returned by your parents.

(You don't have to wait until your membership has been suspended for your parents to complete, sign and return the form --- why not get it done now before it gets forgotten?)

Once the form has been returned, your membership will be reinstated. If your parents do not wish to sign and return the form, your membership subscription of £1 if you are a Junior Member (as opposed to a Level 1 Junior candidate) will be returned.

Our apologies if this all seems rather heavy handed but this is, of course, all for your safeguarding and protection.

1st JulSHUA policy for the Safeguarding and Protecting Junior Umpires

SHUA has now written and published its policy for the safeguarding and protection of Junior Umpires.
It is to be found at:
in the Information and Downloads section of the website.
The Welfare Manager has asked that
* all parents of Junior Umpires
* all Junior Umpires
* all SHUA members who umpire with or coach or assess Junior Umpires
* all clubs who use SHUA Junior Umpires
read this new policy document before the new season starts.
Thank you.

29th JunStart times for matches in season 2015-16

The note below has been sent to all our umpire contacts and is repeated here so that familiarity with our approach to helping the clubs is more widespread.
"Ladies and Gents
As you should have been aware, Surrey HUA became concerned last season (we wrote to you in October/November) with the number of games to which it was unable to appoint. We are anticipating the same situation may re-occur this coming season but we would very much like to suggest some ideas that may help all of us.
Our “pot” of umpires is fairly well stocked at the moment however the outflow at the top (to SCHUA and NHL games) allied to the minimal recruitment we are able to make at the lower levels leaves us short of availability on each week of the season. We know there are plenty of players who are very capable umpires so the more umpires we have the more games we can cover. There are 2 messages here that are intrinsically linked
1. We need more club personnel to offer their services as umpires
a. Player umpires are always welcomed and we try very hard to fit them in as and when they are available. In explanation we are very happy that current players give playing the highest priority but we feel there are opportunities that could be grasped in order to umpire a match that is at or very near the playing venue.
b. A little more consideration to point 2 below may unlock some recruits to the player/umpire ranks.
2. We need clubs to have a greater consideration of when their games start
a. It has previously been pointed out that more and more games are gravitating to times between 12 and 1.30. This most definitely does NOT help the situation for the obvious reason that it makes the doubling up of those umpires who are willing nigh on impossible.
b. Throughout the county we have numerous astroturf venues and we notice that there is a high degree of variance in the slot times across the board. Therefore if we could engineer each venue to conform to these slot times
i. 10:30am
ii. 12:00pm
iii. 1:30pm
iv. 3:00pm when daylight permits in October, February and March/April
We may be able to organise some doubling up of umpires that will usefully benefit you, the clubs. There are other dynamics though.
v. Clubs or facilities with only 1 pitch
vi. Clubs or facilities with 2 pitches
vii. Clubs with 2 or more teams who might expect to receive appointments
viii. Clubs or venues that are within a 15 minute drive of each other
Before you even start to think about who you are playing, where and when, perhaps the issues identified in 2 above may be considered so that you may maximise the chances of receiving appointed umpires for all the games you require.
We would also find it easier to manipulate our resources if you apply for 2 matches to be appointed to at the same venue and you put the highest team to play first and the lower team to play second. The games may either be back to back or with a 90 minute gap (preferable so the umpires are allowed a short rest period between games) but should be on the same pitch. Equally this may work if 2 different clubs use the same venue. In the very rare event that there are 3 matches back to back, we could even consider 3 umpires to cover 3 games between them.
We are sure that with just a little bit more thought all clubs could do a little bit more to help themselves by helping us. This will mean some Fixture Secretary level co-operation between clubs that either play at the same venue or at venues very close to each other. Ladies and Gents – it’s over to you now to help us help you."
S+CC Chairman

6th AprRadios

To all umpires who have loaned radios issued to them please remember that you should keep the battery in good order by putting the unit on charge approximately once a fortnight.

6th AprNew Rules

As the season winds to a close we are faced with and are looking forward to a new challenge from 1st July when the new rules become mandatory in all senior hockey. We are likely to be holding a members meeting in either June or July and the Council will make an announcement in due course about the timing.
Last season we successfully appended a members meeting to the AGM and it seems likely that we may replicate this by bringing the AGM date forward from the currently advertised September date.
The purpose of this note is to warn you that notifications of the various meetings will be posted on this website as soon as dates and venues are known. We will, of course, endeavour to send email messages as well but please do keep an eye on this website during the summer months.

27th MarRules

England Hockey has now officially advised
“That all of the new Rules are introduced throughout the game beneath the IWHL and NPMHL on 1st July 2015, with the following exceptions:
a. The new Rule that relates to the ‘green card’ is not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically In2Hockey and Quicksticks).
b. The new Rule that relates to the ‘use of the stick above the shoulder’ is not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically In2Hockey and Quicksticks)”.
Please look out for further news items about members meetings during the summer months.

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20th MarNew Rules

The new Rule Book is currently in transit to members of SHUA however I would like to remind all umpires of the news item originally published in December 2014.
"The FIH has recently published details of the Rules of Hockey that are due to apply from 1st January 2015. Until such time as England Hockey has advised which of these new rules will apply in England THERE ARE NO CHANGES that need to be implemented by us for the time being.
When we are advised when the implementation date will be we will advise this to members and in all probability arrange a meeting at which we may discuss them.
As far as we know there are no rule changes effective 1st January for any games that we appoint to save for the amendment to the styling of face masks."

2nd FebOnline training for new and inexperienced umpires

The link below will take to the England Hockey website where a new presentation has been prepared covering the essential basics of whistling, signalling, offer verbal communication in the game and the presentation and awarding of cards. I suggest this is a good use of a spare 10 minutes and thoroughly commend that you look at this no matter what level your umpiring has reached. You might choose to turn your volume down slightly before playing the video clips - you can play them again easily enough with the volume turned up!
For the newer people to umpiring especially please compare the whistle tones and the signals with what you do at present and adjust if necessary.
The link has also been added to our Links menu.

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11th JanJabra Headset for UmpireTalk Radios

This is the Jabra headset that was discussed at the Members' Meeting and it can be used with the UmpireTalk radios.
Use the link below to source the supplier.
Dave Thompson

... More
6th Dec (2014)SHUA Appointments - 2 regulations re U18s

The link (in its Appendix 2) gives clear guidance on the position that relates to goalkeepers in junior (defined as U18) matches but also deals with head injuries. Please read the full text.
Summarising the main points
1. Head injuries --- if an U18 player (also applies to U18s in senior games) has a head injury, s/he must be removed from the game (when it is safe to do so) and must receive medical attention from a registered medical practitioner or attend at an A&E Department. This player may not be allowed to return to the game (or a game in a tournament) without a doctor’s permission.
2. Goalkeepers --- all U18 games must have a fully kitted goalkeeper at all times (for clarity -- the use of a “kicking back” is not allowed). If the goalkeeper is injured or suspended s/he must be replaced by a fully kitted goalkeeper and the game can not restart until a fully kitted goalkeeper is on the pitch.

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6th Nov (2013)New Match Check List documents

The Selection & Coaching Committee is very pleased to be launching 3 new publications today.
Firstly, we have a re-styled and re-worded Match Check List (formerly known as the Pre Match Check List) that is produced in 2 different printing formats. The words Pre Match have been deleted because the booklet is much more of a framework that covers the whole of the game i.e. pre-match, the game itself and importantly the post-match. Both versions print on A4 but fold to a different size. There is a handy version that can be taken to games and is less expensive to reprint in the future and a larger format for easier home reading and markup. The documents can be found on the Web Handbook and Downloads page.
Secondly, we have been working on providing a less thorough document that is specifically aimed at our Club Umpires in Surrey as well as those who are just setting out on their umpiring career. This document carries the mnemonic (WRISKEY) to provocatively identify areas of umpiring that may not always be considered. Clubs are encouraged to pass this around their umpires as we hope to encourage a greater consistency of umpiring from club to club. For experienced umpires this document is definitely worth a read at the start of each season as it can stimulate a few thoughts that are supplemented by the more structured Match Check List referred to above.
Please use these documents wisely and frequently and please do let the Selection Committee know if you have anything that should be added to the documents.
Ian Witchell

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