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27th NovA Wednesday record

On 9th December we are breaking new (Midweek) ground by making 18 appointments on one day. Well done Peter R for co-ordinating this and to the 16 umpires (2 umps are doubling up for 2 games) for their services. See the appointments pages for details.

26th NovMonthly Meeting

As per my earlier post, the Monthly Meeting will be at Epsom HC. New members are especially welcome as this is such a good opportunity to meet a cross-section of our umpires. There is nothing formal, it is simply a chance for a drink and a chat. So come along after your games and join us at Epsom. I am sure our most generous Treasurer will let us have a tab behind the bar!

Could you please all put up your availability for January as I have quite a few games in the London League and Ladies before the SHL starts on 16 Jan. I'd like to get these appointments done before I go away in December. Many thanks.

23rd NovFriendly Games + Monthly Meeting

Two things gentlemen.

Firstly, there may be a few friendlies during the mid-season break, especially on 9th January, the week before the league games start again. Could I please. ask you all not to take private appointments. If you are asked by any club to umpire such a game, please refer them to me!

Secondly, because there are only 2 full Saturdays in December, we will have only one meeting to cover November/December. This will be on 12th December. I have not decided the venue yet but will post this in the next few days.

And I've just thought of a third thing! I am going to have my first holiday for 2 years! I will be going to Thailand to see my son on about 13th December returning at the end of the month. I will aim to have all known appointments made before I go but I am sure - although I haven't asked him yet ! - that Ian Witchell will look after any further appointments required. Burty

13th NovNew Member

A very warm welcome to Alex Bandurak. Alex joins us with a fair bit of umpiring experience. He has been involved in the Midlands, in Hampshire whilst at Uni and also with the Young Umpires. He has been doing a bit of umpiring at Wimbledon HC of late. I'm sure you will all do your best to make him feel welcome.

27th OctCard Guidance from England Hockey

If you show a player a card for any offence, other than dissent, in the 23m area that they are defending, you MUST also award a PC.
If you show a player a card for dissent in the 23m area that they are defending, you MAY award a PC if the dissent is extreme.
If you award a PC for an offence by a defender in the 23m you MAY also give a personal penalty as necessary.

27th OctPromotions and Memberships

Now that we are well under way this season it is time to announce the first batch of promotions as well as welcoming our newcomers.
First of all huge congratulations to Stuart Grainger who is now a full member of SCHUA.
Newcomers this year are
Surinder Bodwal from Kent HUA (RM3)
Andrew Youl (CM2)
Sam Naismith (RM3)
Ian Fielder (CM3)
Tom Nickels (CM3)
plus a welcome back to Ramesh Rao after a 2 year absence.
And finally congratulations to Peter Hodgson who moves from the County grades to RM3.

9th OctIndoor Hockey Rules

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) recently made a decision to implement a number of changes to the Rules of Indoor Hockey. The most significant of the changes will see the number of players on the field of play change back to six from five. England Hockey has decided that all competitive indoor hockey in England will change to 6-a-side with immediate effect.

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4th OctMany congratulations....

... to Jane Hallett who, on Saturday October 3rd, passed her membership assessment game and is now a full member of the NPUA.
Very well done Jane --- now the real travelling begins!

15th SepAutomated System Emails

Our website is currently experiencing problems with sending out automated emails - especially those advising that new appointments have been made. It is possible that these are being delivered to your junk mail folder so please not only check that folder but also keep an eye on the appointments page especially if you are available for an appointment.

28th JulNew Rules

Just in case you have missed the headlines section at the top of the home page there is a very professional presentation covering all the new rules.

1st JulSHUA policy for the Safeguarding and Protecting Junior Umpires

SHUA has now written and published its policy for the safeguarding and protection of Junior Umpires.
It is to be found at:
in the Information and Downloads section of the website.
The Welfare Manager has asked that
* all parents of Junior Umpires
* all Junior Umpires
* all SHUA members who umpire with or coach or assess Junior Umpires
* all clubs who use SHUA Junior Umpires
read this new policy document before the new season starts.
Thank you.

27th MarRules

England Hockey has now officially advised
“That all of the new Rules are introduced throughout the game beneath the IWHL and NPMHL on 1st July 2015, with the following exceptions:
a. The new Rule that relates to the ‘green card’ is not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically In2Hockey and Quicksticks).
b. The new Rule that relates to the ‘use of the stick above the shoulder’ is not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically In2Hockey and Quicksticks)”.
Please look out for further news items about members meetings during the summer months.

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2nd FebOnline training for new and inexperienced umpires

The link below will take to the England Hockey website where a new presentation has been prepared covering the essential basics of whistling, signalling, offer verbal communication in the game and the presentation and awarding of cards. I suggest this is a good use of a spare 10 minutes and thoroughly commend that you look at this no matter what level your umpiring has reached. You might choose to turn your volume down slightly before playing the video clips - you can play them again easily enough with the volume turned up!
For the newer people to umpiring especially please compare the whistle tones and the signals with what you do at present and adjust if necessary.
The link has also been added to our Links menu.

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11th JanJabra Headset for UmpireTalk Radios

This is the Jabra headset that was discussed at the Members' Meeting and it can be used with the UmpireTalk radios.
Use the link below to source the supplier.
Dave Thompson

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6th Dec (2014)Regulations re U18s

The link (in its Appendix 2) gives clear guidance on the position that relates to goalkeepers in junior (defined as U18) matches but also deals with head injuries. Please read the full text.
Summarising the main points
1. Head injuries --- if an U18 player (also applies to U18s in senior games) has a head injury, s/he must be removed from the game (when it is safe to do so) and must receive medical attention from a registered medical practitioner or attend at an A&E Department. This player may not be allowed to return to the game (or a game in a tournament) without a doctor’s permission.
2. Goalkeepers --- all U18 games must have a fully kitted goalkeeper at all times (for clarity -- the use of a “kicking back” is not allowed). If the goalkeeper is injured or suspended s/he must be replaced by a fully kitted goalkeeper and the game can not restart until a fully kitted goalkeeper is on the pitch.

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6th Nov (2013)New Match Check List documents

The Selection & Coaching Committee is very pleased to be launching 3 new publications today.
Firstly, we have a re-styled and re-worded Match Check List (formerly known as the Pre Match Check List) that is produced in 2 different printing formats. The words Pre Match have been deleted because the booklet is much more of a framework that covers the whole of the game i.e. pre-match, the game itself and importantly the post-match. Both versions print on A4 but fold to a different size. There is a handy version that can be taken to games and is less expensive to reprint in the future and a larger format for easier home reading and markup. The documents can be found on the Web Handbook and Downloads page.
Secondly, we have been working on providing a less thorough document that is specifically aimed at our Club Umpires in Surrey as well as those who are just setting out on their umpiring career. This document carries the mnemonic (WRISKEY) to provocatively identify areas of umpiring that may not always be considered. Clubs are encouraged to pass this around their umpires as we hope to encourage a greater consistency of umpiring from club to club. For experienced umpires this document is definitely worth a read at the start of each season as it can stimulate a few thoughts that are supplemented by the more structured Match Check List referred to above.
Please use these documents wisely and frequently and please do let the Selection Committee know if you have anything that should be added to the documents.
Ian Witchell

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