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29th JanAnother umpiring milestone

Chris Burton-Brown 200 matches for SHUA 15th February. Reigate Priory v Wimbledon 2.
Well done Chris from all your SHUA friends and colleagues.


Ladies and Gents

Our next Monthly Meeting will be on Saturday 7th February at Epsom HC. We have seen a number of new faces attending these informal gatherings this season but it would be wonderful to see just a few more. All you need do is pop in to Epsom Hc after game and enjoy a drink or two and some lively discussion on hockey matters or anything else you fancy talking about with whomsoever you like! All members are welcome – especially our new members. I suggest anytime after 4.00/4.30 p.m.

Just before Xmas somebody left an SHUA jacket at Sunbury/Walton. This has been recovered and its owner should contact them for retrieval.


27th JanA truly magnificent milestone.

1100 games umpired for SHUA --- Peter Redshaw --- Saturday 31st January 2015 13:30 Old Kingstonians v London Edwardians 2 @ Kingston Grammar.

Is this a unique occasion and will it ever be repeated?

Well done Peter from everyone at SHUA.

23rd JanAnother umpiring milestone.

300 Matches Dave J Thompson 15th Feb 2015 Men's Surrey Cup - Reigate Priory v Wimbledon 2.
Well done Dave from all your SHUA friends and colleagues.


Following consultation with the England Hockey Rules & Regulations Advisory Group, NPUA and the England Hockey League Committee, EH can confirm that the rule changes announced by the FIH will only be implemented in the national leagues (Investec Women’s Hockey League (IWHL) and the NOW: Pensions Men’s Hockey League (NPMHL)) when the outdoor season resumes at the end of January 2015. THE ONLY RULES CHANGE THAT AFFECTS ALL LEVELS BELOW IWHL AND NPMHL IS THE AMENDMENT TO THE FACE MASK RULE AND THIS HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.
England Hockey will be consulting more widely with the hockey community as to whether they apply to FIH to opt out of the introduction of any of the new Rules FROM the start of season 2015-16 for the wider game and, if so, at what levels and/or age groups. A decision will be made on adoption of the new Rules after this consultation.
Further bulletins will be issued as we get information from EH.

9th JanMembers Meeting

Our Members Meeting at Wimbledon last night was very well attended and my thanks to all those who turned up.
Discussions were stimulating and varied and we covered some very good ground in relation to the issue and use of radios. We now have issued radios to about 90% of regular Saturday active umpires. Please remember that if you are a recent recipient of an UmpireTalk radio set then your feedback is very important so I look forward to receipt of your comments.
For tomorrow's appointments we are trying to distribute our coaching team so that immediate help can be offered when you use your radio for the first time. Please note that de-briefs may be shorter than usual and will concentrate on the various aspects that result from your use of the new technology.
As a reminder of the discussion last night a precis of the presentation is available at the link below.
Ian Witchell

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8th JanAnother umpiring milestone.

150 games since the website started Alan Hall 24th Jan 2015 Men's Surrey Division One - Woking 2 v Old Kingstonians.
Well done Alan from all your SHUA friends.

3rd JanAnd another milestone

150 Matches Peter Hodgson 17th Jan 2015 Men's Surrey Division One - Croydon & Old Whitgiftian v Surrey Spartans.
Well done Peter from all your friends at SHUA

14th Dec (2014)New Rules

The FIH has recently published details of the Rules of Hockey that are due to apply from 1st January 2015. Until such time as England Hockey has advised which of these new rules will apply in England THERE ARE NO CHANGES that need to be implemented by us for the time being.
When we are advised when the implementation date will be we will advise this to members and in all probability arrange a meeting at which we may discuss them.
As far as we know there are no rule changes effective 1st January for any games that we appoint to.

6th Dec (2014)SHUA Appointments - 2 regulations re U18s

The link (in its Appendix 2) gives clear guidance on the position that relates to goalkeepers in junior (defined as U18) matches but also deals with head injuries. Please read the full text.
Summarising the main points
1. Head injuries --- if an U18 player (also applies to U18s in senior games) has a head injury, s/he must be removed from the game (when it is safe to do so) and must receive medical attention from a registered medical practitioner or attend at an A&E Department. This player may not be allowed to return to the game (or a game in a tournament) without a doctor’s permission.
2. Goalkeepers --- all U18 games must have a fully kitted goalkeeper at all times (for clarity -- the use of a “kicking back” is not allowed). If the goalkeeper is injured or suspended s/he must be replaced by a fully kitted goalkeeper and the game can not restart until a fully kitted goalkeeper is on the pitch.

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19th Nov (2014)Controls available for the Bench

Both umpires and clubs are reminded of the disciplines required from (and personal penalties that may apply to) players and coaches whilst on the bench. The link sets out clearly some aspects of this.

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3rd Nov (2014)DAVID HERRING

Ladies and Gentlemen
With much sadness I must report to you that our President, David Herring, passed away on Saturday There will be more news to follow and I will keep everyone informed of funeral details when I hear them. In the meantime, our condolences go to his wife Helena, to members of his family and his friends.
Could I suggest that before our games next Saturday, as a token of our respect for David, we hold one minute's silence.
Chris Burton

22nd Oct (2014)Red Card & MMO Procedures

Members attention is drawn to the Red Card and MMO Guidance notes in the Discipline Section of the Information & Downloads section on the website.
In particular you should be aware of the very important information that is mandatory when filling in the Red Card Report Form.
Once you have issued the Red Card you need to complete the report in full and in good time and submit it for processing.
Failure to complete the form correctly may give rise to a successful appeal.
Five additional notes/reminders for your guidance;-
1. Most importantly you should remain calm and collected whilst witnessing an event that perhaps will lead to a red card.
2. Mentally record shirt number(s) are offending parties and write them down if you can.
3. Do not be fooled by a team saying they will go back to the Clubhouse where player details can be confirmed. GET THE INFORMATION FROM THE CAPTAIN THE COACH OR WHOEVER BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE CAGE.
4. Never get involved in any altercation between players. Stand back and let their teammates calm matters down before you deal with the miscreants.
5. Ensure your colleague is watching as much of the fracas as possible (easier with radios) by stopping time - thus alerting him/her to the unsavoury goings on.

20th Oct (2014)New information - Level 1 and Introduction to Umpiring courses

The Level 1 umpire training course process has changed. If you are interested in attending a course, all the courses are advertised at and then search for “umpire course” - the dates, times and locations of the courses will be advertised and anyone can sign up and attend any course in any county.
The cost of the course is £50, takes place usually over 1 day and you will be required to complete the online rules test before attending. Previously the courses were all classroom based but the new courses, delivered by trained tutors, have a practical element and you will get the opportunity to practice. You will receive a qualification known as the Level 1 unassessed. In order to become a level 1 assessed umpires, you will need to be watched and assessed by a qualified umpire assessor from your county association i.e. Surrey Hockey Umpires Association (SHUA). Assessments are done on the last Saturday of each month in the season by contacting either Jane Binner or Ian Witchell, with contact details are on the SHUA web site.
If your club, school or university wishes to host a Level 1 Umpire course, please complete the Course Request Form (click on this link) and return it to This is also the email address for any questions you have about the courses.
Guidance for both organisers and participants can be found here. Terms and conditions for bookings can be found here. Bookings close 7 working days before the course date (or when full).
There is also a new 3 hour Introduction to Umpiring course which costs £25 per person and is for people with very limited (or no) umpiring experience. Participants do not receive an umpiring qualification.
If your club, school or university wishes to host an Introduction to Umpiring course please complete the Course Request Form and return to
Guidance for participants and clubs, schools and universities who want to organise an Introduction to Umpiring course can be found here.

6th Nov (2013)New Match Check List documents

The Selection & Coaching Committee is very pleased to be launching 3 new publications today.
Firstly, we have a re-styled and re-worded Match Check List (formerly known as the Pre Match Check List) that is produced in 2 different printing formats. The words Pre Match have been deleted because the booklet is much more of a framework that covers the whole of the game i.e. pre-match, the game itself and importantly the post-match. Both versions print on A4 but fold to a different size. There is a handy version that can be taken to games and is less expensive to reprint in the future and a larger format for easier home reading and markup. The documents can be found on the Web Handbook and Downloads page.
Secondly, we have been working on providing a less thorough document that is specifically aimed at our Club Umpires in Surrey as well as those who are just setting out on their umpiring career. This document carries the mnemonic (WRISKEY) to provocatively identify areas of umpiring that may not always be considered. Clubs are encouraged to pass this around their umpires as we hope to encourage a greater consistency of umpiring from club to club. For experienced umpires this document is definitely worth a read at the start of each season as it can stimulate a few thoughts that are supplemented by the more structured Match Check List referred to above.
Please use these documents wisely and frequently and please do let the Selection Committee know if you have anything that should be added to the documents.
Ian Witchell

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