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29th Nov 2014

Level 1 Assessments (10:00) @ TBA Surrey

please apply to Ian Witchell at if you are looking for an opportunity to be assessed for your Level 1 Award. We hope to have 4 opportunities for candidates on this date.

Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are not currently taking neutral appointments from Surrey HUA and you are interested in doing so, please contact the Membership Secretary for more information(click here for email address).

Benefits of Surrey HUA Membership


You will be fully insured to umpire ANY game. Your club can only insure you to umpire their club games.

Rule Changes

All members receive a rule book whenever they are published and guidance on changes in rule interpretations.

Surrey HUA Support

You will have support from Surrey HUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help but, even if you don’t, we will support you.

Surrey HUA Network

You have not only the Surrey HUA website but also the full Surrey HUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Surrey HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary(click here for email address).

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Recent Milestones
29th October 2014Sue Redshaw*800th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Paull Spindler300th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
25th October 2014Tony Rowe*500th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Jake Moeller100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
11th October 2014Peter Horsfield100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
20th September 2014Gary Smith*200th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Ian Dinwiddy100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
1st March 2014David Grant*200th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Recent News Items
30th October 2014
URGENTSunday Umpires Required
Rob Butlin requires two more umpires for games this Sunday. If you can possibly make yourself available please change the website and also email Rob to tell him.
Pleas try and help if you can.
Ian Witchell
I have to go into hospital on Thursday 30th October and I am not sure exactly how long I will be in although hopefully it will be for only one night. In my absence, please consult Ian Witchell from Thursday - Saturday bearing in mind that Ian will be unavailable himself from 1.30pm on the ...
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29th October 2014
And another milestone
Well done to Neville Wrench for 200 Matches for SHUA on 21st Nov 2014.
Have a great day from all your SHUA friends.
28th October 2014
Congratulations are due to Nigel Gray and Geoff Ledger who, in successive weeks, have passed their assessments for Level 2 and are now fully fledged members of SCHUA.

Well done to both of them and let's hope there might be one or two more before the season ends.
27th October 2014
Two more umpiring milestones.
Well done to Jane and to Glyn for:

150 Matches for SHUA --- Jane Hallett on 14th Nov 2014
100 Matches for SHUA --- Glyn Jones 0n 12th Nov 2014.

All your friends at SHUA wish you both all the best for these games and for the future.
26th October 2014
A magnificent milestone.
On Wednesday 29th October, we have a magnificent milestone of 800 SHUA matches achieved by Sue Redshaw.

The details are:

13:00 R.U.M.S. (UCL2 for BUCS) v Imperial College 3 (6 for BUCS) @ Dukes Meadow.

A massive congrats from all your SHUA friends for this wonderful landmark --- well done ...
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22nd October 2014
Red Card & MMO Procedures
Members attention is drawn to the Red Card and MMO Guidance notes in the Discipline Section of the Information & Downloads section on the website.
In particular you should be aware of the very important information that is mandatory when filling in the Red Card Report Form.
Once you have issued ...
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Ladies and Gents

I have to go into hospital on Thursday 30th October and I am not sure exactly how long I will be in although hopefully it will be for only one night but it could be two. In my absence, please consult Ian Witchell from Thursday - Saturday bearing in mind that Ian will be ...
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21st October 2014
I am very sad to report the death of Michael Haigh. After leaving Kingston GS, Mike joined Barclays Bank. He was a member of SHUA and moved up to SCHUA. He played Hockey for Merton 1st X1 and Cheam 1st X1 at a time when both clubs were much stronger than today. He also captained Cheam 1st X1 at ...
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A massive milestone.
This Saturday will be Tony Rowe's 500th game for SHUA.

Tony is at Trinity School for a 2pm game between Addiscombe and Camberley & Farnborough.

Well done Tony from all your SHUA friends.
20th October 2014
New information - Level 1 and Introduction to Umpiring courses

The Level 1 umpire training course process has changed. If you are interested in attending a course, all the courses are advertised at and then search for “umpire course” - the dates, times and locations of the courses will be advertised and anyone ...
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Ladies & Gents

Just to let you know that we will be having our first Monthly Meeting of the season next Saturday 25th October at O.Cranleighans in Thames Ditton starting any time from about 4.00 p.m. onwards or as soon after your game as you can get there.

For new members: This is a totally ...
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17th October 2014
Another umpiring milestone.
300 Matches

Paull Spindler

29th Oct 2014

Men's BUCS - UCL 2 (UCL3 for BUCS) v University of Herts 2.

Well done Paull --- all the best from your SHUA friends.
13th October 2014
INDOOR HOCKEY amended news item
Can you please check your availability for the Indoor Fixtures on 5th, 12th and 14th November. A minor systems error may have wiped out your availability for those dates - if you had entered any.
If you are interested in umpiring any indoor hockey (there are 5 possible opportunities ...
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10th October 2014
Milestone matches are approaching.
100 Matches for SHUA:

Peter Horsfield
11th Oct 2014
Men's Surrey Division One
Barnes 2 v London Edwardians 2


100 Matches for SHUA

Jake Moeller
25th Oct 2014
Men's Surrey Division One
Wanderers 2 v EUHC Gamblers

Well done to you both from all ...
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