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16th Jul 2015

AGM & New Rules Presentation (19:30) @ Purley Walcountians HC

The AGM date has been brought forward and will precede our presentation of the umpiring interpretations associated with the new rules that come into effect on 1st July 2015.

27th Aug 2015

SHUGS Annual Golf Meeting (09:00) @ Croham Hurst GC

Available to purchase through the Shop for appointed members. Other orders to please.

Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are not currently taking neutral appointments from Surrey HUA and you are interested in doing so, please contact the Membership Secretary for more information(click here for email address).

Benefits of Surrey HUA Membership


You will be fully insured to umpire ANY game. Your club can only insure you to umpire their club games.

Rule Changes

All members receive a rule book whenever they are published and guidance on changes in rule interpretations.

Surrey HUA Support

You will have support from Surrey HUA if you have any issues in games (a red card for example) or just questions about umpiring or where to go next. If you want to take appointments we can help but, even if you don’t, we will support you.

Surrey HUA Network

You have not only the Surrey HUA website but also the full Surrey HUA network of umpires to provide you with information about any umpiring related issue.

To Join Surrey HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary(click here for email address).

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AGM DATE 16th JULY 2015 at Purley Walcountians (detail in Diary on left)

Recent Milestones
14th March 2015Tony Howgate900th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
18th February 2015Matt Miles100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
15th February 2015Chris Burton-Brown200th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
7th February 2015Dave J Thompson300th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
31st January 2015Peter Redshaw1100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
17th January 2015Rob Butlin300th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
22nd November 2014Ian Hawkes100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
16th November 2014Neville Wrench200th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
12th November 2014Glyn Jones100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
29th October 2014Sue Redshaw800th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Paull Spindler300th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
25th October 2014Tony Rowe500th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Jake Moeller100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
11th October 2014Peter Horsfield100th Surrey HUA umpiring appointment.
Recent News Items
30th June 2015
SHUGS Golf Day ...(with link - click here)
The SHUGS 4th Annual Golf Day is to be held at Croham Hurst Golf Club on Thursday 27th August 2015 and is organised by Ian Witchell ((H) 020 8651 5889 or (M) 07967 672799) email
The cost of £55 includes: welcome ...
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29th June 2015
Start times for matches in season 2015-16
The note below has been sent to all our umpire contacts and is repeated here so that familiarity with our approach to helping the clubs is more widespread.
"Ladies and Gents
As you should have been aware, Surrey HUA became concerned last season (we wrote to you in October/November) with the ...
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12th June 2015
Cranleigh School
Cranleigh School are hosting Old Cranleighans as part of the School's end of year celebrations on Sunday 28 June. They need two umpires. Please alter your availability if you are able to do the game.
6th April 2015
To all umpires who have loaned radios issued to them please remember that you should keep the battery in good order by putting the unit on charge approximately once a fortnight.
New Rules
As the season winds to a close we are faced with and are looking forward to a new challenge from 1st July when the new rules become mandatory in all senior hockey. We are likely to be holding a members meeting in either June or July and the Council will make an announcement in due course about the ...
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27th March 2015
Rules ...(with link - click here)
England Hockey has now officially advised
“That all of the new Rules are introduced throughout the game beneath the IWHL and NPMHL on 1st July 2015, with the following exceptions:
a. The new Rule that relates to the ‘green card’ is not introduced in small sided ...
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20th March 2015
New Rules
The new Rule Book is currently in transit to members of SHUA however I would like to remind all umpires of the news item originally published in December 2014.
"The FIH has recently published details of the Rules of Hockey that are due to apply from 1st January 2015. Until such time as England ...
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10th February 2015
George Croft Trophy ...(with image - click here)
At our members meeting at Epsom HC on Saturday 7th February it was announced by our Chairman, Ian Hawkes, that the George Croft Trophy had been awarded to Terry Mulcock.
Terry as many of you will now has been associated with SHUA for many years and has held numerous posts in that time. He has been ...
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2nd February 2015
Online training for new and inexperienced umpires ...(with link - click here)
The link below will take to the England Hockey website where a new presentation has been prepared covering the essential basics of whistling, signalling, offer verbal communication in the game and the presentation and awarding of cards. I suggest this is a good use of a spare 10 minutes and ...
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11th January 2015
Jabra Headset for UmpireTalk Radios ...(with image - click here) ...(with link - click here)
This is the Jabra headset that was discussed at the Members' Meeting and it can be used with the UmpireTalk radios.
Use the link below to source the supplier.
Dave Thompson

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